We believe in a life in motion. That every day is an adventure and every step counts. 

We're here to move with you in all aspects of your life-whether you're tackling another spin class or hitting the yoga mat for the very first time. 

We believe that wellness starts from the inside out, challenging and nourishing the mind, body and soul. 

We're an active brand for the creative spirit.

Forged in Hawaii, With Love From Paradise (WLFP) is the essential fitness collection for the girl who leads an active life but doesn’t want to compromise her fashion sense. Worn and tested by athletes, gym rats, yogis, moms and weekend warriors – every piece is made to get wet, dry quickly, and stretch with you as you move, paddle, and flex. Cut from the best fabrics from around the world and hand sewn in Los Angeles using only original prints, the WLFP collection is made to make you look amazing while you handle real life, every piece is made with love.

Born on Kauai to a soul surfer Father and a very creative Mother, Amie’s early years were primarily spent living on or in the water and, wearing the bathing suits that were lovingly hand sewn by her mother. After graduating from FIDM, Amie began her career as a clothing designer, working both in the states and abroad. In 2012, she found herself living back home on Kauai while between design positions. It was then that she began evaluating her next career move. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit since a young age, she decided to focus her efforts on creating a fashion line that integrated her love for fashion, fitness but also highlighted her beloved island roots. Having limited capital and resources, WLFP’s original collection was hand sewn at home with the assistance of her mother. From inception, her designs were met with an overwhelmingly positive reception by local markets, selling out in just two short days. Fueled by this momentum and her commitment to provide fashionable, well made fitness wear to women worldwide, Amie continued moving forward with her business and has never stopped. Currently Amie resides in Los Angeles, where her line is produced and manufactured by a family run company in the downtown area. Despite living in the city, she still considers herself an island girl and one day will return to her paradise where she will continue to inspire and empower women with her beautiful and functional designs.