Legs. Make 'em burn | By Goldfish Kiss Rebekah Steen

Yesterday at the gym, a man politely told me that he’d be scared to run into me in a dark alley, because I looked like I could totally kick his butt. I gave him a high five. Compliment taken. 

So I figured I’d share one such butt kicking (or implies I am capable of kicking someone’s butt) workout. 

This one’s for the legs, because I LOVE training my legs, and figuring out new ways to make ‘em burn. If I have problems walking the next day, I usually call my husband and brag out of excitement. You can only imagine how exciting these conversations are.

Anywho, if you want to give it a shot, here you go. 

Killer Leg Circuit:

You’ll need: A stopwatch, pair of dumbbells (a weight that you can do 8-12 reps with that’s challenging), a kettle bell (or you can use a dumbbell) and a stability ball. 

Do the following back to back, 

• 1 round tabata squat jumps (20 seconds of jumps, 10 seconds of rest. 1 round is 4 minutes) Just use your bodyweight, this part is a LOT harder than you think.

• 8 Goblet squats - Work dat bootay. Get low. 

• 15 walking dumbbell lunges (15 each leg. Be sure to get low and go slow. It’s not a race)

• 10 dumbbell deadlifts

• 10 stability ball leg curls

• Rest for a minute or two, then repeat everything two more times, for a total of three rounds.

Your legs might hate you, but they’ll want to give you a bear hug you later.


Aloha print Leggings by With Love From Paradise.

••Also, I just figured out a little space in our new place where I can actually film workout videos. Should be fun. And interesting. Stay tuned…

by Rebekah Steen |



Chelsea Yamase WLFP Brand Ambassador

Chelsea Yamase is a travel writer and athletic model from Kaua'i encouraging others to "live simply, explore often and consume mindfully". Her account reflects the duality of her love for the mountains and the ocean, as well as a strong desire to give back to the environments that mean so much to her. Chelsea specializes in positioning herself in uniquely beautiful and sometimes precarious locations while free diving, backpacking, canyoneering, and camping. Although she travels full-time her heart is always in Hawaii.

Here's a couple amazing images of Chelsea Yamase in WLFP     instagram: chelseakauai

Chelsea wearing the Y Strap Bralette in Coconut while exploring the deep blue sea

Chelsea wearing our Peacock Capri paired with the Summer Rose Tunnel Top

Chelsea wearing our Tangerine X Strap Bralette paired with our Tangerine Island Bikini Bottoms. 

Photos by: Perrin James                     instagram: perrinjames1


Goldfish Kiss 25 Minute Total - Body Circuit

Great 25 Minute workout created by the one and only Goldfish Kiss blogger Rebekah Steen. Featuring our SUMMER ROSE TUNNEL TOP and SHORTS! 

Ok, I am totally digging the at home, 30 minute of less workout genre lately. Mainly because it works best with my schedule, and I can do it on my back porch in a bikini or booty shorts. Hallelujah. 

So the workout I did today today’s had me sweating like a pig, kind of kicked my butt, and just made me feel great. Which I needed after one too many vodka lemonades and a chili cook off yesterday. 

So, naturally I want to share the schweaty fun times with you. Here’s a total body dumbbell circuit. It took me roughly 25 minutes, and Hopefully somewhere would make The Rock and Jane Fonda both proud.

Tools: dumbbells (I have a set of powerblocks and had mine set to 25lbs - Use a weight that you can do a higher amount of reps with, but is also challenging), and an ab roller of some sort.

Do the following moves in this order, (click on the links for videos that show you how to do them. I do my best to find somewhat entertaining ones, or guys in fanny packs.)

• 50 jumping jacks. 

• 5 full burpies 

• 6 plank push up rows (3 each arm)

• 8-10 Bent over row + RDL

* 8-10 front squat to push press

• 5 single leg rear foot elevated split squats (5 reps each leg) 

• 10 hip thrusts (I use a chair instead of a bench)

• 10 ab wheel rollouts 

• 3 half turkish getups  ( 3 reps each side) these Suuuuck. In a good way)

• 10 lying down bench presses. I guess these are called floor presses.

…now repeat that circuit 




…for a total of 4 rounds. 

Boom. Done. 

Drink some water, stretch, and feel oh so much better than you did a little while ago.

Working out is pretty sweet like that. 

* I did 4 rounds in about 25 minutes. If you have more time, or had a giant Red Bull, there’s no shame in doing another round or two. 

Workout gear: Wearing With Love From Paradise Shorts and top. Seriously Love their stuff. 


Interview with Honolulu Magazine

Interview with Honolulu Magazine

The daily grind has been seriously getting to you lately. Between end-of-the-fiscal-year reports, work project deadlines, post-tax-season budgeting and those summertime socializing goals, your fitness itinerary has fallen to the wayside. Way to the wayside. Like, think miles away to one side.

Our assessment? You need to prioritize chicness. Do yourself a favor and pencil in “score some inspiring activewear” to next month’s calendar. Our pick? With Love From Paradise, a local brand that will help you actually look cute while getting your gym-time to-do list checked off, with a slew of fierce workout gear. Owner and designer Amie Gaines has years in business under her belt, as well as a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. When she moved back home to Kaua‘i after years abroad, it was an opportunity to launch an entrepreneurial stint she's been dreaming about for ages. After cutting up a few patterns and stitching together a couple of samples, she tested her handmade creations at a local market. The response? Hugely positive.

 Turns out there are a whole lotta gals out there who like their apparel local, so Gaines dubbed her new setup With Love From Paradise. (And, all the swimsuits and workout clothes she puts out really are made with love, originally by Gaines herself with the help of her mom in her apartment-meets-business-headquarters on Kaua‘i, and now in exclusively U.S.-based factories.) As word spread, so did retail orders around the state.

In August, Gaines takes the next step in her business development with a collection crafted from house-designed patterns and prints. Think edgy, paneled yoga leggings with alternating black and teal bird-of-paradise print, sports bras with triple-banded backs and a deep midnight-blue palm pattern, or even streamlined workout shorts, guaranteed not to slow you down. Plus, Gaines uses breathable, lightweight fabric that offers sun protection and can even be taken in the water: the epitome of function meets fashion.

Hold your calls. You've definitely got your workout cut out for you.

See the original article on Honolulu,

And here's a sneak peak of what's to come this August 2016

Photo by: Brooklyn Dombroski

Model: Malia Murphey