FIVE EASY TIPS to keep your workout clothes newer longer!

 Five easy tips to keep your workout clothes newer longer!

  1.   HANG them to DRY as soon as youre done working out.

The most important thing: Not only does it make them smelly-over time, if you let your workout clothes sit and soak in sweat, it can actually allow for growth of things like mold and mildew. This is gross, sure – but it also wears down on the fabric in your clothes. As soon as you get home from the gym or any water activity, take off your workout clothes rinse in cold water and hang them to dry.

  1. SOAK them in VINEGAR.

After they’ve mostly dried out, soak your athletic clothes in part vinegar, four parts water for about 20 minutes. This will help kill off any remaining bacteria in the clothes, thus prolonging their life even more. Vinegar also sets the dye and prevents your bright colors from fading.

  1. WASH all your workout gear in COLOR LOADS.

Must wash in with like colors! Wash only blacks with blacks, pink with pinks, and so on. Wash in cold water with mild/light detergent, this will prevent darker colors from bleeding onto white pieces, and help protect the longevity of all colors.  Absolutely NO BLEACH!  Bleach kills the elasticity and removes color from your nylon lycra materials.

  1. DO NOT wash your workout towels at the same time.

Never wash your workout clothes with towels, the fibers can stick to the nylon fabric. The rough texture of the towels can also add unnecessary wear and tear on your workout gear.