Brooke Myers

We wanted to share with you a strong inspiring woman we have grown to know and admire.  We love to support her talents and creativity when it comes to fitness, health, and her passion. It's really inspiring to look up to woman with strengths and see into their world from health, fitness, and their amazing lifestyles. We're proud to share a piece of Brooke's world with you! 

Introducing you to Brooke Myers

Brooke was raised as a Florida girl who took a chance with life and packed her bags in search of change. In 2006, Brooke moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, where she fell in love with Yoga Instantly. Fitness has always been a part of Brooke’s lifestyle, but something about Yoga changed her life for the better. Yoga changed her way of thinking about fitness. You can find her teaching a variety of classes in Kailua Kona or try running with her while she is training for her next Marathon. Her love of fitness is ever growing.  She continues to share her knowledge of fitness, her passion for fitness, and her experiences with the community & social media. When Brooke is not teaching classes, practicing handstands all over the Island, or running - you most likely will see her spending time with her son, Whistler. 

Checkout her instagram page @breathebrooke for her everyday posts and love for yoga and WLFP.