Goldfish Kiss 25 Minute Total - Body Circuit

Great 25 Minute workout created by the one and only Goldfish Kiss blogger Rebekah Steen. Featuring our SUMMER ROSE TUNNEL TOP and SHORTS! 

Ok, I am totally digging the at home, 30 minute of less workout genre lately. Mainly because it works best with my schedule, and I can do it on my back porch in a bikini or booty shorts. Hallelujah. 

So the workout I did today today’s had me sweating like a pig, kind of kicked my butt, and just made me feel great. Which I needed after one too many vodka lemonades and a chili cook off yesterday. 

So, naturally I want to share the schweaty fun times with you. Here’s a total body dumbbell circuit. It took me roughly 25 minutes, and Hopefully somewhere would make The Rock and Jane Fonda both proud.

Tools: dumbbells (I have a set of powerblocks and had mine set to 25lbs - Use a weight that you can do a higher amount of reps with, but is also challenging), and an ab roller of some sort.

Do the following moves in this order, (click on the links for videos that show you how to do them. I do my best to find somewhat entertaining ones, or guys in fanny packs.)

• 50 jumping jacks. 

• 5 full burpies 

• 6 plank push up rows (3 each arm)

• 8-10 Bent over row + RDL

* 8-10 front squat to push press

• 5 single leg rear foot elevated split squats (5 reps each leg) 

• 10 hip thrusts (I use a chair instead of a bench)

• 10 ab wheel rollouts 

• 3 half turkish getups  ( 3 reps each side) these Suuuuck. In a good way)

• 10 lying down bench presses. I guess these are called floor presses.

…now repeat that circuit 




…for a total of 4 rounds. 

Boom. Done. 

Drink some water, stretch, and feel oh so much better than you did a little while ago.

Working out is pretty sweet like that. 

* I did 4 rounds in about 25 minutes. If you have more time, or had a giant Red Bull, there’s no shame in doing another round or two. 

Workout gear: Wearing With Love From Paradise Shorts and top. Seriously Love their stuff.