Chelsea Yamase WLFP Brand Ambassador

Chelsea Yamase is a travel writer and athletic model from Kaua'i encouraging others to "live simply, explore often and consume mindfully". Her account reflects the duality of her love for the mountains and the ocean, as well as a strong desire to give back to the environments that mean so much to her. Chelsea specializes in positioning herself in uniquely beautiful and sometimes precarious locations while free diving, backpacking, canyoneering, and camping. Although she travels full-time her heart is always in Hawaii.

Here's a couple amazing images of Chelsea Yamase in WLFP     instagram: chelseakauai

Chelsea wearing the Y Strap Bralette in Coconut while exploring the deep blue sea

Chelsea wearing our Peacock Capri paired with the Summer Rose Tunnel Top

Chelsea wearing our Tangerine X Strap Bralette paired with our Tangerine Island Bikini Bottoms. 

Photos by: Perrin James                     instagram: perrinjames1