Legs. Make 'em burn | By Goldfish Kiss Rebekah Steen

Yesterday at the gym, a man politely told me that he’d be scared to run into me in a dark alley, because I looked like I could totally kick his butt. I gave him a high five. Compliment taken. 

So I figured I’d share one such butt kicking (or implies I am capable of kicking someone’s butt) workout. 

This one’s for the legs, because I LOVE training my legs, and figuring out new ways to make ‘em burn. If I have problems walking the next day, I usually call my husband and brag out of excitement. You can only imagine how exciting these conversations are.

Anywho, if you want to give it a shot, here you go. 

Killer Leg Circuit:

You’ll need: A stopwatch, pair of dumbbells (a weight that you can do 8-12 reps with that’s challenging), a kettle bell (or you can use a dumbbell) and a stability ball. 

Do the following back to back, 

• 1 round tabata squat jumps (20 seconds of jumps, 10 seconds of rest. 1 round is 4 minutes) Just use your bodyweight, this part is a LOT harder than you think.

• 8 Goblet squats - Work dat bootay. Get low. 

• 15 walking dumbbell lunges (15 each leg. Be sure to get low and go slow. It’s not a race)

• 10 dumbbell deadlifts

• 10 stability ball leg curls

• Rest for a minute or two, then repeat everything two more times, for a total of three rounds.

Your legs might hate you, but they’ll want to give you a bear hug you later.


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••Also, I just figured out a little space in our new place where I can actually film workout videos. Should be fun. And interesting. Stay tuned…

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